Affinity Property Consultants

Affinity Property Consultants Pte Ltd, incorporated in 2009, is a homegrown estate and facility management company.

We are sincere in delivering meaningful, services that will value add to the daily requirements of all stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in being agile and adaptive. Throughout the years, we have introduced necessary proactive changes in all aspects of our operations.

Our strong desire for improvements has motivated us to take steps in adopting technological advancements that have enhanced service delivery.

Our expertise in residential property management is deeply rooted in our commitment to promote professional and individual growth our people.

Acknowledging that our people are the forefront of our success, having the right fit is important. We continuously seek and encourage our team to exercise great empathy, to listen and to understand the root cause of each problem.

As a service provider, providing sound advice and valuable consultancy sets the premise of our service delivery. With our knowledge and blend of working experiences, we are able to deliver quality estate operations and instill stability to all our estates.


“Affinity Property Consultants aims to build upon the good nature and correct the wrongful practices in the industry.”
  • To break the industrial mould of an old running clockwork, based on habits and inefficient patterns. To instil knowledge, responsibility, and a sense of belonging and ownership.
  • To create a vibrant, cooperative community that seeks the best for daily living.
  • To provide an opportunity and a learning environment for practitioners and managers in the management industry.


“Affinity Property Consultants strives to be the leading household name in Facility & Estate Management by becoming the industry’s benchmark in providing reliable and efficient estate management, achieved through constant learning of new knowledge and adaptation of technologies; to always be guided by our values and ethics in all our decisions.”