“Affinity Property Consultants are committed to deliver our services with integrity and highest ethical standards. Our team are guided by the following principles in our day to day management operations.”


We operate with integrity, honesty and forthright.

Any actions and improvements introduced to care, maintain and manage our estate would always be implemented with our stakeholder’s best interest at heart.


Respect and empathy is the basis for our openness in understanding the different expectations and lifestyle requirements, allowing us to provide customised solutions like no other.


By adopting a sense of ownership, we always assume full responsibility in managing all our stakeholder’s interests by providing effective, responsive and efficient service.


We constantly challenge ourselves to identify potential areas of improvements.

Our proactiveness is focused in creating efficient management and seamless daily experiences for our residents.

Nurture and Empowerment

Our people are our biggest assets.

As such, we believe in empowering our team with constant learning opportunities and practical experiences.